Application and selection process

bangaloREsidency-Expanded 2022_call © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

BANGALORESIDENCY-EXPANDED 2022 is subject to Covid-related changes.

Deadline for applications: February 28* & March 31, 2022
Final selection: May 16, 2022
*Early deadline for Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin and WeltKunstZimmer, Düsseldorf

The bangaloREsidency-Expanded facilitates residencies in Germany for Indian artists living and working in Karnataka and Kerala. Selected artists would typically spend 4 - 8 weeks at one of our partner organisations in Germany. Emerging Indian artists stand to profit immensely from exposure to other cultures/artistic arenas.

The aim of this initiative is, therefore, to establish long-term artistic exchange in a sustainable format that intensifies creative exchange through a novel practice of collaboration, wherein Indian artists get to live and work in Germany, gain access to the art practice of the other culture and thereby enrich their own creativity.

The bangaloREsidency-Expanded which was conceptualised in 2017 as a natural progression of our flagship bangaloREsidency programme that brings artists from Germany to India, to work and exchange with our local Indian cultural partners or hosts. During extended feedback sessions and discussions with hosts, partners and bangaloREsidents, the need to encourage and support artistic traffic in the opposite direction was felt, also in order to further intensify the reach of the residency project.

Application Process

Please send only soft copy in English
  • resumé
  • information on previous artistic projects
  • personal statement with reasons for applying for the bangaloREsidency-Expanded, and outline of proposed artistic project and objectives in single A4 sheet
  • only ONE bangaloREsidency-Expanded partner organisation in Germany (host) is to be selected
  • applicants should carefully read the selected host profile and note any special requirements/considerations
  • large files should be uploaded onto a file-sharing service.
  • only complete applications, conforming to the requirements specified will be considered.
  • applications should be sent to: with the subject line: bangaloREsidency-Expanded 20?? @ (Host name) 


An expert jury will shortlist the finalists and the final selection will be made in consultation with the German partner organisation.


Generally between 4 and 8 weeks. See selected host for details.

The artist is required to reside in the host city for the duration of the residency. Brief excursions may be made during the residency if necessary, longer travel must be planned (on private basis) before or after the residency timeframe.


This covers international and local travel expenses, including insurance, daily allowance, basic comfortable accommodation and atelier space, infrastructural and networking support and production costs of up to a maximum of €1000 during the period of the residency in Germany. 

The artist must apply for a visa and has to provide all the required documentation. The project partners will assist in the process with invitation and support letters.