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The library is open to the public and the in-house use of the Library is free of charge: However, you must be a member to be able to borrow books and other materials. You need to fill in a registration card and present a current proof of residence document (passport, driving license etc.) along with a passport size picture
The charges for library membership are*

  • Annual      : Rs.1000
  • 6 months  : Rs. 600
*The library membership can be availed, at no extra cost by  language students of Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai for the duration of their course.

Our Library with a thematically diverse collection, provides a perfect platform to interact with German culture in Chennai. Our holdings number approximately 4500 volumes of print and audio visual media in German as well as in translation. The focal points of our collection are German literature, culture, society and history. The book and magazine collections are complemented by audio books and the greatest choice of German feature and documentary films available in Chennai. With our wide range of language and teaching material, particular emphasis has also been placed on ‘Deutsch als Fremdsprache’ ( German as a foreign language)

We offer you:

  • Books in German
  • English translations of works of German authors
  • Reference works and dictionaries
  • Materials for German as a foreign language
  • German newspapers, magazines and journals
  • CDs of music and literature (audio books)
  • DVDs
  • Internet access

Loan periods:

Members are entitled to borrow ten media (maximum three from the language learning materials and maximum three DVDs).
Loan periods for various media:
Books, CDs, CD-ROMs, magazines: 3 weeks
DVDs: 1 week


The loan period may be extended as long as the material is not overdue or has been reserved. Exceptions are language material and DVDs. Renewal of loans can be made in person or by contacting the library issue desk by phone or email.