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Goethe-Institut certificates are official documents protected by law.

Please be cautious and consider the following points:

  • Make sure that the provider is included in our list of exam providers.
  • For a genuine Goethe certificate, always take the exam yourself and in person.
  • A reputable provider will never ask you for your registration details.

You should be suspicious of these promises:

  • A provider sells “original” Goethe certificates with or without an exam.
  • You are promised that you are guaranteed to pass the exam.
  • Someone offers (for a fee) to take the exam for you.
  • A provider wants to register you (for a fee) for the exam.

Unfortunately, there are many frauds circulating on the Internet, in chat forums, on social media platforms and in messenger services about obtaining a Goethe certificate. 

Using a fake certificate can make you liable to prosecution. 
The authenticity of a Goethe-Certificate can be verified here

Please report all suspicious activity to
We thoroughly investigate every report of suspected fraud.

In order to take action against illegal offers of fake Goethe certificates and to protect our rights, we reserve the right to file criminal charges. This could include, among others, the criminal offences of trademark infringement (§§ 143, 143a MarkenG) and forgery of documents (§ 267 StGB).


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