Workshop / Lab Re-search for a community space through art

By Sanjib Kalita

About the practice – Site as inspiration Sanjib Kalita says:
‘My practice incorporate my memory about the hill. Its ecosystem, the weather on the hil,everything makes my practice I Imagine the hill as studio,or the outer landscapte as studio because it has immense possibilities of my practice I Incorporates the human conditions in relationship with land. The land and how it is shaped by the human mind and had is what fuel my practice as artist.
It is my experience of leaving on hill which plays an vital role in selecting my context and materials. The physical space and its characterless shapes my practice of art .I am interested in the notion of community,and land as a physical site.
I am interested in the site and how it influence me to build a real at ions hip with the community which makes the work happen in much easier way. My practice also incorporates the notion of migration and its relationship/effect in shaping the face of the land in terms of ownership and identity. My practice also incorporates the conflict of hill and plains.’