Intercultural Awareness & Competence Programmes

IKK Workshop © Goethe-Institute | Photo: Getty Images

Online Intercultural Competency Workshop

Whether you are a student planning to study in Germany or a professional working with a German company, this workshop will equip you with the requisite intercultural awareness skills.

As the cooperation between India and Germany continues to grow, knowing the German language is just not enough. Good intercultural communication along with an understanding of cultural differences will enable effective functioning in Indian and German contexts.

The Intercultural Competency workshops will play an important role in bridging the divide and knowledge gaps in the fields of education and business while dealing with Germany.

These workshops are perfect for students planning to study in Germany as well as for professionals working with German companies. The workshops are conducted in English in a virtual classroom allowing you greater flexibility and efficient way to learn from the comfort of your home.

The upcoming workshop will be announced.

Looking Back

For students and professionals | February 2019
Intercultural Trainings

As the cooperation and interactions between India and Germany continue to grow, cultural intelligence, which is the ability to function effectively in German and Indian cultural contexts, has assumed greater importance.