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Feedback Intercultural Competency Workshop for students - 2021

The Intercultural Competency Workshop for students took place online from 31.07.-07.08.2021. The aim of the workshop was to help develop a skill-set and equip the students with an understanding of  German culture and the German mind-set. Their feedback shows the great success of the online workshop.

IK Workshop: Juni 2020 GI Mumbai

Online-Workshop: June 2020

During the month of May the first online workshop for Intercultural Competency was held. A great success according to the participants.

Intercultural Trainings - students © Goethe-Institut Mumbai

February 2019

The Intercultural Workshops for students and professionals planning to study and work in Germany were aimed to develop the particular skill-set of Intercultural Intelligence equipping the participants to better understand German culture and German mind-set.