Book Launch & Panel Discussion Gained in translation

Gained in Translation © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai

Sun, 20.10.2019

4:00 PM

Library MMB

Edward Said famously claimed that “texts are not finished objects” and that interpretation itself lends meaning. What is the role of the translator, especially when coming from a culture entirely different from that of the work she’s translating? What kinds of cultural assumptions or prejudices might she bring to bear on the work? Can she, or should she, acknowledge these assumptions? As practicing translators, the panelists address these questions and discuss what’s at stake in the translation of cultural texts, be it poetry, fiction or non-fiction.

As “the person in between,” the translator often forges long-lasting, complicated, and wonderful relationships with her authors. There is a sense of accomplishment and challenge when she brings an author’s words into the correct light. These three German contemporary books have been translated into Marathi in continuous consultation with the author albeit using different translation methodologies: digital interaction a lectory platform, an interlinear translation and conventional one-to-one translation using Skopos theory. The translators will share their experiences at the launch:

आकाशपाताळ Akaash-Pataal (Novel)
Translation of Thomas Melle´s novel “Die Welt im Rücken” by Prof. Sunanda Mahajan, as a part of "Social Translating: Translation in the digital era" Project, Goethe Institut Seoul 2017, supported by MERCK.

साक्षीभावाने बघताना Sakshibhaavane Baghtanaa (Poetry)
Translation of 35 selected poems by Ulrike Draesner, rendered by Dr. Aruna Dhere and Jayashree Hari Joshi, an outcome of the poetry workshop in Mumbai under the umbrella project “Poets translating Poets” by Goethe-Institut South Asia.

वावटळ पेराल, तर वादळच उगवेल! / Vaavtal peraal, tar vaadalach ugavel!  (non-fiction)
Translation of a non-fiction title “Wer den Wind sät, erntet den Sturm” written by Michael Lüders, translated by Mrs. Vaishali Karmarkar.

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