AUSTELLUNG Inside|Outside

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Do, 08.02.2024 –
Mi, 20.03.2024

Goethe-Institut LA Project Space

Curated by Homies Unidos

Die Austellung INSIDE|OUTSIDE kann vom 08.02.2024 - 20.03.2024 im Goethe-Institut Los Angeles besichtigt werden.

Curated by Homies Unidos, the interdisciplinary exhibition INSIDE|OUTSIDE seeks to raise awareness about the challenges faced by immigrants entangled in the criminal justice system. Many of these individuals, at risk of deportation upon release, leave behind children and families who suffer their absence deeply. In presenting the work and poetry of currently and formerly incarcerated individuals and their families, INSIDE|OUTSIDE gives voice to their stories through their work, revealing their struggles, hopes, and dreams. This powerful showcase and the accompanying programs delve into the dual realities of being confined within prison walls and marginalized on the fringes of society upon release, confronting the harsh aspects of deportation, including the potential for re-incarceration in their home countries.

Serving the Pico-Union, Westlake, and Koreatown communities, Homies Unidos presents trauma-informed and culturally competent art, education, and leadership development activities tied to social justice advocacy programs. 

Die Ausstellung kann an folgenden Tagen besichtigt werden:

Während Bürozeiten: 08.02.2024 - 20.03.2024
                                     Dienstags–Donnerstags: 10.00 Uhr – 17.00 Uhr
                                     Freitags: 10.00 Uhr – 15.00 Uhr 

Kostenloses Parken im Metro/Retail Parkhaus:
674 S. Westlake Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90057 

Anfahrt mit LA Metro: Red/Purple Line - MacArthur Park/Westlake Station.
Die Nutzung von Fahrgemeinschaften oder Mitfahrgelegenheiten wird begrüßt.

Die Nutzung von Fahrgemeinschaften oder Mitfahrgelegenheiten wird begrüßt.  

INSIDE|OUTSIDE wird im Rahmen des Projektes Neighborhood Interpretive Center präsentiert, eine hyperlokale Nachbarschaftsinitiative in dem diversen Stadtviertel MacArthur Park/Westlake in Los Angeles.