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Short Films from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Moonjump © DFFB, Alexander Brack
Moonjump © DFFB, Alexander Brack

Saturday, November 16, 12 pm

Followed by Panel Discussion (participants TBA shortly)


Josef Markus Julian
2019, 24 min., Director/Screenplay: Özgür Anil

Markus and his son Julian go to the countryside to visit Markus’s father. After breaking his arm, Josef is barely capable of working on his small farm. He is happy about the rare visit of his son and grandson, but he realizes soon that Markus did not only come to see him.


Life is One of the Simplest Things (Das Leben ist eines der Leichtesten)
2019, 8 min., Director/Screenplay: Marion Nyffenegger
Five people living in Switzerland talk about their childhood. Security and uprooting become the topics. A collage of voices of people from different cultures and age groups tells about their feeling of home, their roots and origins. A brief look at the liveliness and diversity of lives.

All Inclusive
2018, 10 min, Director/Screenplay: Corina Schwingruber Ilić

A workout on the sun deck, a conga line in the dining hall, a photo shoot with the captain, or a beauty contest for all ages: fun around-the-clock is guaranteed on a cruise, while you float along with your hotel room. The sea-faring holiday fortresses have come into vogue and business is booming. In the towering ship's wake, we are left behind with a hoard of digital memories and a cloud of exhaust fumes on the horizon.

The Flood Is Coming
Switzerland/United Kingdom, 2018, 9 min., Director/Screenplay: Gabriel Böhmer

A forest hermit tries to prepare for a flood, but he becomes distracted by his noisy neighbour – who happens to be the hermit’s left eye. The Flood is Comingexplores the growing anxiety about the state of nature, and our place in it.


Am Cu Ce - Pride (Am Cu Ce - Mein ganzer Stolz)
2019, 20 min., Director: Hannah Weissenborn, Screenplay: Hannah Weissenborn and Dominik Huber 

Long-haul trucking might not seem like the most difficult job on the planet. But for those whose livelihoods depend on transporting goods across the country on Germany’s fast-paced highways, every second awake counts - and every second asleep. Under extreme pressure from his boss, experienced Romanian trucker Stancu gives his rookie nephew Dragan an illegal driving card that enables him to stretch his limited hours per day with no break. But when Dragan almost causes an accident due to microsleeping at the wheel, Stancu suddenly feels responsible, finding himself increasingly entangled in his own white lies.

2019, 6 min. Director: Lasse Holdhus,  Screenplay: Yoav Rolef and Alexander Brack.

The final bell at school has rung, all of the other students have gone home, and Major Luna is about to jump towards the moon. In the swimming pool of her empty gymnasium, she acts out her dream to one day float weightlessly in space.

Rude Boys
2019, 9 min., Director: Ken Hagen-Takenaka, Screenplay: Ken Hagen-Takenaka, Murat Arslan, and Maiko Wall-Nishikawa

Despite his friend Murat’s advice, Adam plans to take part in a triathlon, although he is not exactly an athlete. As a matter of fact, he’s a total slacker who spends his days eating and smoking weed on the couch. Of course, Murat ends up being right, and the day does not go as planned – not for Adam, and not for Murat either…

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