Ayny – My Second Eye

Scene: Ayny – My Second Eye Scene: Ayny – My Second Eye | © KHM/Ahmad Saleh After their home is destroyed in a war, a mother protects her two sons under her shawl. She tells them that when a house dies, a flower grows out it and that if you plant this flower somewhere else, it – in turn – will grow into a new house. During the long trek with their fellow townsfolk to find a safe place for everyone to plant their flowers, the boys keep theirs alive by playing music to it on their makeshift instruments. Eventually, the people find a safe place: they plant their flowers and a new town springs up in the desert. But one day, the boys fall in love with a beautiful oud and resolve to make enough money to be able to buy it. Ignoring their mother’s pleas to stay indoors, they head out again and again in pursuit of their dream to play the beautiful oud – a dream that will bring them together in a way that neither of them could have imagined.