Award Winning New German Cinema
Film Festival “…and the winners are…“

For the first time, the German Film Academy and the Goethe-Institut are joining together to exhibit award-winning German Films around the world. All films selected were winners or nominees for either the prestigious German Film Awards 2018 or the First Steps Awards 2017. Just like their counterparts in the USA, the members of the German Film Academy vote to decide who will receive the German Film Award, one of the most prestigious cultural honors in Germany. As experts in their field, they decide which films are the most pioneering, innovative, moving and visually powerful, and therefore deserve to receive the award.

This means that only the most artistically exciting films are awarded a “Lola,” as the prestigious German Film Award has been known for a number of years. The choice of this name was most definitely influenced by memories of some of German cinema’s most legendary personalities: at the end of the 1920s, Marlene Dietrich played Lola in “The Blue Angel,” as did Barbara Sukowa several decades later, in the film of the same name by Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1981). Tom Tykwer’s “Run Lola Run” (1998) has since come to symbolize new approaches to narrative in filmmaking. At the time of its release, this unconventional young film was an unexpected success around the world and helped to raise the profile of German cinema internationally.
This package of films, which was put together by the German Film Academy and the Goethe-Institut, will be complemented by workshops and discussions. Headlined “…and the winners are…”, the program will send the makers of these feature films, children’s films, short films and documentaries to the USA, India and Greece to attend screenings and meet the audience.


Made up of 1,900 members from every area of film production, the German Film Academy is a strong voice in the film industry. Within the scope of the German Film Awards and numerous other projects, the Academy promotes exchange and discussion about filmmaking in Germany and Europe from artistic, political and economic viewpoints. The promotion of young talent and political commitment, both to society and on behalf of cinema, also play a big part in the work of the Academy. Every year, the members of the German Film Academy cast their votes in a three-phase selection process to decide who will be the winner of the German Film Award, or “Lola,” the country’s most remunerative cultural award.

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