Kenneth Lin Baltimore: Baltimore Center Stage

LtR: Center Stage (c) Csaba Rajnai; Gavin Witt (c) Richard Anderson Kenneth Lin (c) Jolene Siana
Center Stage (c) Csaba Rajnai; Gavin Witt (c) Richard Anderson
Kenneth Lin (c) Jolene Siana


Baltimore Center Stage
Artistic Director: Kwame Kwei-Armah
Associate Director: Gavin Witt
Playwright: Kenneth Lin
Play title: 9022131-PINK

Baltimore Center Stage is an artistically-driven theatrical institution in Baltimore, Maryland, dedicated to the creation and presentation of a diverse array of new and classic work. Each year, the theater hosts an audience of more than 100,000 in its historic home in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood. Launched in 1963 by an ambitious community drama group, Baltimore Center Stage soon became a leader in the regional theater movement. Today, it holds fast to its original goal of putting art before commerce. Accordingly, while production quality is high, prices are low. With its focus on civic and community engagement, Baltimore Center Stage, The State Theater of Maryland, is now entering its second 50 years with a commitment to exploring how art and entertainment communicate in the 21st century and to igniting conversation in Baltimore and beyond. Central to this is the vision of Artistic Director Kwame Kwei-Armah, who, among many other initiatives, has established projects like My America and My America Too, commissioning a diverse array of playwrights to examine the political, social, and personal aspects of their experience of America.

Play Synopsis: Henry is on the phone with customer services at a multinational online sales company.  His personal and work accounts have somehow become linked, showing his home “Fun Deals” on his office computer. The consequences of this embarrassing and seemingly-innocent mistake could, however, prove severe as Henry doesn’t get the answers he wants from customer service.