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Hi, AI: Family & Pepper© Isabella Willinger

Goethe on Demand: Bias in technologies
Hi, AI-
Love Stories from the Future

Language EN
Subtitles EN
Genre Documentary
Country Germany
Year 2017/2018
Director Isabella Willinger
Produktion Rise and Shine Cinema (Berlin)
Length 90 minutes
FSK Film 12 years
Festivals / Awards Max Ophüls Preis 2019

An elderly woman in Tokyo who is gifted a robot by her son so that she no longer has to live alone and an American taking a road trip through California with his robot partner. These are the “love stories from the future” told by director Isabella Willinger through a film that explores how humans live together with AI. But contrary to what you might believe from the tagline, things don’t always run smoothly by any means – failed communication and mutual misunderstanding repeatedly crop up as central plot features and provide viewers with moments that are sometimes absurdly comical. Hi, AI was nominated for the German Film Prize as best documentary film in 2019.

Available from November 18 Watch film now