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Marx – The Spectre is Still Alive

Karl Marx – The Spectre Is Still Alive
© WDR/ARTE / Neue Artfilm

Germany / France 2018, 52 min., documentary, German (with English subtitles)
Writer/Director: Peter Dörfler, Cinematography: Peter Dörfler, Editor: Dennis Karsten, Peter Klum, Music: Bernd Schultheis, Producer: Stefan Pannen, Starring: Sarah Wagenknecht, Matthias Greffrath, Peter Schneider, Stephen Smith, Christina Morina, Yanis Varoufakis

Dörfler’s documentary presents Karl Marx as seen from the vantage point of his legacy – be it at a large Anti-globalization demonstration in Hamburg, at a business studies lecture in China, on a Marx-Show on television, the sculptor who created the Marx statue for the city of Trier, French “old guard” communists in Grenoble, bankers in London, with the radical Greek Politician Yanis Varoufakis, or through archival Images from Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz).
Revolutions were carried out under Marx name, that today are often viewed as nothing more than failed experiments. Are the Red October, the idea of Class Struggle, and the Communist Manifesto mere things of the past, relegated to history lessons? It would appear as though capitalism has triumphed.


Karl Marx und seine Erben
© WDR/ARTE / Neue Artfilm
Marx’s legacy and its impact on contemporary struggles for worker’s rights, student movements, and global financial crises are examined and discussed through interviews and critical statements provided by Attac-activist Werner Rätz, Author and Journalist Matthias Greffrath, Die Linke party chair Sarah Wagenknecht, historian Christina Morina, as well as Author Peter Schneider.
What ultimately emerges is in no way a glorification of Marx on the occasion of his 200th birthday, but instead an open discussion and analysis of what Marx’ ideals can continue to contribute to contemporary society.