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Local Advisor Guadalajara
Cuaco Navarro

Cuaco Navarro  © Cuaco Navarro Cuaco Navarro comes from Jalisco and is a visual artist, promoter and content creator of contemporary art. He works in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary media such as photography, drawing, installation, video, and performance art. His subjects almost always revolve around nihilism, sarcasm, queer culture and contemplation. He is interested in the processes, which is why he often presents records of these as pieces. He has had national and international shows, as well as experience in museographic and curatorial projects for different independent spaces and institutions such as the Goethe-Institut.
He is also a teacher of art and humanities and creator of workshops with current art topics. He has developed curatorial works such as Unflux (2012), Follow me (2014), and Casual Cruelty, Calzada Libertad (2015), Save the artist (2018). He has done scenography, art direction, artist registration and illustrations for independent publishers and has had collaborations with musicians and sound artists.

Cuaco Navarro is co-director of Astilla Arte Actual, a virtual space dedicated to culture management, promotion and creation of specific site content. He is a co-author of LASJDD (Laboratorio de Arte San Juan de Dios), an expanded art-education project, and of Save the Artist, a project taking care of cultural rights of Mexican artists.