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Worlds of Homelessness
Arts Of The Working Class Special Edition: Worlds Of Homelessness

Arts of the Working Class Special Edition LA: Worlds of Homelessness Titelseite
© Arts of the Working Class

The Berlin-based street journal Arts of the Working Class and the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles present the AOWC Special Edition Nr. 5 / Extrablatt WORLDS OF HOMELESSNESS. The special edition includes the work of the contributors to the Worlds of Homelessness project from around the world.

You can read about “Housing Justice in unequal cities” by Ananya Roy, “Recentering the Politics of Home” by Michele Lancione, and the history of the Los Angeles Poverty Department. You can look at the artwork of artists Showzart and Fabian Debora and find out more about the Theatre of the Oppressed in Brazil. You can learn about lessons from the housing movement in Germany and check out architectural notes from South Africa, Colombia, Austria, and Los Angeles, USA. You can discover Jutta Allmendinger’s reflections on housing precarity in Berlin and Los Angeles, Hilary Silver’s thoughts on home and homelessness, Cristina Cielo’s research in Bolivia and the Philippines, and Charles Porter’s notes on his work in Skid Row & more. Enjoy!

Goethe-Institut Los Angeles / Arts Of The Working Class

AOWC Special Edition: Worlds Of Homelessness

The Goethe-Institut L.A.'s Worlds of Homelessness is a project that offers an interdisciplinary engagement with the issue of homelessness and its many related themes such as the gap between rich and poor, participation, inequality, gentrification, racism, and migration. 

Arts of the Working Class is a global art newspaper that rethinks the distribution of poverty and wealth, art, and culture. It is published and edited by Alina Ana Kolar, María Inés Plaza Lazo & Paul Sochacki, for the streets of the world.
Arts of the Working Class Issue Nr11 Launch© Arts of the Working Class
As COVID-19 has disrupted every way of life, Arts of the Working Class has been forced to look for alternative modes of funding the newspaper, rather than solely relying on advertisements as they have in the past. They've been exploring new avenues of distribution that still allow everyone to support the street vendors.

For the launch of Arts of the Working Class No. 11 “Faux Culture,” which includes the AOWC Special Edition Nr. 5, they are offering two options, an issue 11 launch package, and an e-paper, as alternatives to buying the paper in stores or on the streets.

You can help our local Partner, the Los Angeles Poverty Department, help others too.
Your donation to LAPD supports their on-going work for creating social change, including their group devised performances, the annual Festival for All Skid Row Artists, the biennial Walk the Talk parade and the Skid Row History Museum and Archive.

Listen to some of the voices from the AOWC Special Edition: Worlds Of Homelessness in this clip: