2023 Artists-in-Residence

Studio170_rosa © mischen
Poly Pockets keyvisual © Powers/Stratton

Goethe-Institut Boston l May 13-19
Stratton Coffman & Aaron Powers

Poly Pockets

As buildings continue to turn inside out, what other things can happen in the street? Poly Pockets is a set of modifications made to generic tent materials to expand what the street tent can host beyond commercial use.

Shake Dendy keyvisual © Shaka Dendy

Goethe-Institut Boston l December 4-10
Shaka Dendy

Black Meridian Installation

With Black Meridian, a new suite of works, Shaka Dendy has developed constellatory tableaus pulling together elements of Black culture and aesthetics, historic and contemporary, into an open-ended, visual and sonic composite image of Black ontology. Composed of found and original images, Black Meridian employs the techniques of assemblage and appropriation to reframe perceptions of the world around us.

Exhibition Opening
Monday, December 4, 6-8 PM

Saturday, December 9, 4-6 PM