Film Series The Miracle of Berne (Das Wunder von Bern)

Das Wunder von Bern 2 (c) Little Shark Entertainment

Wed, 12/07/2022



Kino x 3: Soccer Films

Director: Sönke Wortmann, 35 mm, color, 117 min., Germany, 2003, with English subtitles

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Time and place: the grey industrial Ruhr area in 1954.  A family learns that the husband is returning from Russia.  They wait for him at the border station, but he barely recognizes his family and indeed sees his son Matthias for the first time ever.  The boy was born nine months after the man's leave during the war.  The man has difficulty coming to terms with his home area.  The elder son supports the Communist Party KPD and will later leave and go to East Berlin when the atmosphere at home becomes too oppressive.  Father also does not like the idea of mother and daughter working in a bar, particularly not when his daughter boogies with the occupying forces.
At the same time, the preparations are in full swing for the World Cup in Berne.  Süddeutsche Zeitung sends a young, newly married reporter to cover the matches in Berne instead of on his honeymoon.  Coach Herberger puts his team together.  Young Matthias admires Helmut Rahn and carries his bag for him.  After a series of major disputes at home, the father begins to realize, after talking with his wife and the local priest, that he must change his attitude.  He borrows the priest's car and surprises Matthias with a sudden trip to Berne to watch the final.  Helmut Rahn also played in this match, after having remained on the sidelines in the previous matches.  Matthias arrives while the match is in progress, makes his way into the stadium and suddenly the two are face to face.  Rahn shoots the decisive goal.  Matthias and his father return to Germany with the victorious team.