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Nereida Patricia  Banner© Nereida Patricia

Exhale Completely

Exhale Completely is a video poem that explores a mermaid’s sense of bodily constraint and freedom. What must we shed or leave behind to be our true selves? Artist Nereida Patricia poses as a mermaid herself, narrating a post-transformation meditation on how to find the ecstatic.

Exhale Completely will be published on November 26.

Nereida Patricia

Nereida Patricia Portrait © Nereida Patricia Nereida Patricia (b. 1996, New York) is a multidisciplinary artist and writer based in Chicago, IL. Nereida’s practice spans sculpture, text, and performance, and explores themes of history, trans poetics, and identity. Her work draws from
postcolonial and feminist theory, Peruvian symbolism, as well as autobiographical fragments, to build new mythologies around the transformation of the human body. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute Chicago and has also studied at The New School. Her work has been exhibited at venues including Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit; Roots and Culture, Chicago; Prairie Gallery, Chicago; Annka Kultys Gallery, London; the Museum of the Moving Image, Queens; The Knockdown Center, Queens; and POWERPLNT, Brooklyn, among others.

Instagram: @nereida.patricia

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