Reading Group ONLINE Book Klub: Jenny Erpenbeck's "Go, Went, Gone"

Book Klub: Jenny Erpenbeck’s “Go, Went, Gone” © Jasmin Krakenberg

Thu, 04/16/2020


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Jenny Erpenbeck: Go, Went, Gone (New York: New Directions, 2017, 320 pages)
In this timely and compelling novel, Jenny Erpenbeck tells a tale of the refugee crisis in contemporary Berlin. Her protagonist, Richard, a widowed and retired Classics professor, undertakes a project to interview refugees from Africa who have staged a hunger strike to protest their legal limbo. As the story unfolds, tackling the issue of human displacement, it because clear that the engagement with “the Other” inevitably entails a reckoning with the self. And this is what makes the novel so strong. It is a passionate contribution to the debate on race, privilege, and nationality and a nuanced examination of an aging man’s quest to find meaning in life.
About the author:

Jenny Erpenbeck was born in East Germany. After graduating from high school, she first trained as a bookbinder and then studied theatre science and music stage direction. While working as an opera director, she debuted her short novel Story of the Old Child, which was followed by other literary publications, including novels, short stories, and stage plays. Her novel The End of Days has been awarded several prizes, including the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize in 2015. Go, Went, Gone was shortlisted for the German Book Prize 2015 and received the Thomas Mann Prize 2016.