Film Screening Liebigstraße 34 Berlin Eviction Story

Still Liebigstraße 34 Berlin Eviction Story © Squat!net

Sat, 02/13/2021

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Goethe Pop Up Seattle joins Northwest Film Forum in presenting the story of the October 2020 eviction process of Liebigstraße 34, one of Berlin’s last legalized squats, in association with the Queer Zine Archive Project, Three Dollar Bill Cinema, Arts at Antioch College, and Elliat Graney-Saucke and Catalina Alvarez, two former Liebig34 residents.
The event will include three short films: It’s on Liebigstraße 34, a short documentary by Liza Lindgren and Siri Hedenström about the house as it was in 2006; Architecture of La Zad, a short film by Jaime Iglehart about a squatted forest in France; and Berlin House Project Liebig34 Threatened with Eviction!, a call-to-action video by LeftVision. They will be followed by a discussion with Lindgren, Hedenström, and Iglehart, former residents of the house, about the memories and realities of Liebig34, the circumstances of the eviction, and the current climate in Berlin and internationally for collective anti-capitalist spaces.
This screening will take place online. Please register in advance and pay what you can.

About Liebig34:
In early October 2020, Liebigstraße 34, one of Berlin’s last legalized squats, was evicted by 1,500 police officers. Liebig34 was an anarcha-queer feminist house taking up an entire city building block corner. The 30-year-old autonomous collective supported ideas of D.I.Y. and consensus and cultivated a living space that did not foster homo- & transphobia, sexism, and racism, and where residents had a range of identities but could not be cis-men. The building included an Infoshop called “Daneban,” stocked with books, zines and pamphlets created by the international anarchist scene. Also on the ground floor was a bar and performance space run by the XB collective, who also served affordable vegan VoKü (“people’s kitchen”) dinners once a week.