"Lưng Chừng" – ICG Receiver

Project "Lung Chung" Foto: © ICG Reciever

Sa, 17.07.2021

Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt und Binh Duong

“Lưng Chừng” is a project supported by the Goethe Institut as part of the Ignite Creativity Grant in 2021. This project combines the production of an experimental film by Phạm Nguyễn Anh Tú and a short film screening organized by Nãi Cinema. With the film program, we want to examine societal stigmatisations on the LGBT community in Vietnam throughout the years with the focus on Vietnamese queer artists living in Việt Nam and abroad. The screening is expected to be at Dcine, Mạc Đĩnh Chi on 17th of July.

By offering space for more personal stories, dialogue and inclusion, “Lưng Chừng” strives to facilitate the exploration of alternative narrative, to open more conversation on queer identities, examining and deconstructing the stigmatisation on the Vietnamese queer community. Furthermore, we hope to stimulate more discussion on gender equality, human rights, especially at a time when Vietnam is facing new challenges regarding history, culture and underrepresented minorities.