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Fr, 10.12.2021

20:00 Uhr

Online Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt und Binh Duong

Episode 5 Podcast The LIT Show - Love In Translation: Le Quang

A literary "phenomenon" in Germany when it was released, Daniel Kehlmann’s ‘Measuring the World’ was the world’s second best-selling novel of 2006 according to the New York Times. It is about two geniuses in the world, Carl Friedrich Gauss and Alexander von Humboldt written in a captivating, humorous, and surprisingly fresh style.

‘Measuring the World’ was published by Nha Nam Publishing House in Vietnam and translated from the original German into Vietnamese by Le Quang - who is no stranger to Vietnamese readers. Having lived for nearly 30 years in Germany through special historical periods, Le Quang is not only a translator who understands the German language and culture, he also has a great love for literature and the arts. He has translated more than 40 works, most of them from the original German, among which are Bernhard Schlink's "The Reader", Elfriede Jelinek's "Lust" or Daniel Glattauer’s "Against the North Wind". Considering translation similar to "building a bridge" for readers to cross the river of foreign languages ​​to enter the world of international works, Le Quang intentionally selects to translate and introduce the Modern literary works, to have a balance between engaging story and unique style, contributing to removing certain prejudices about German literature in the hearts of Vietnamese readers.

Let's look forward to episode 5 of The LIT Show and listen to the sincere and witty sharing between Le Quang and the host, Hoang Viet about the bestseller ‘Measuring the World’, about the "loneliness" of the translation profession, the fun memories of the narration, the film adaptations of literature (both successful and unsuccessful) and many more.

Episode 05 of the Love In Translation - The LIT Show podcast will air at 8pm on Friday, December 10th, 2021 on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Anchor.

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