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A.R.T. Artist in Residency Tetovo

Residency Program A.R.T. (Artist in Residency Tetovo) © CBC Loja

Who: Artists based in Germany or German nationals living abroad, who are artist working with photography, video, new media, fine arts, street art, installation or specific interventions in public space (in certain cases also music). The applicants should be above 18.

Sparte: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Media, Music

Duration: up to four weeks

A.R.T is a residency program open for artists based in Germany or German nationals living abroad who are willing to engage in the socio-political context and social life in the city of Tetovo and the surrounding region through their work, and in collaboration with local artists.

A.R.T. gives artists the opportunity to develop new ideas and to experiment with their previous work in a totally different environment: Tetovo, a city in the western part of North Macedonia is a rather small but vibrant place. It does not yet count with an established art-scene but the young and growing off-scene makes this place an inspiring spot for politically and socially engaged artworks. As the cities of Skopje and Pristina are close, in recent years more and more visitors, artists, and curators of both capitals were attracted by ongoing events in Tetovo. The aim of A.R.T. is to allow artists to work in a new, pure and unexplored environment, to share, develop and discuss new visions and ideas with local artists and civic activists, and to present the results in a show at the end of the stay.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Bujar Luma
Tel.: +389 70 360970

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