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Europa. Deine Sprachen. ©

Conference Series on Multilingualism in Europe
Europe. Your Languages.

24 official languages, 60 regional and minority languages, countless dialects and language variants: Europe is a continent of multilingualism. But what value does it have for the European community and what role does it play in communicating European values?
On the occasion of the European Trio Presidency of Germany–Portugal–Slovenia 2020/2021, Europanetzwerk Deutsch examines the role of multilingualism in Europe and its significance for the European Union and its member states on the digital conference series Europa. Deine Sprachen. (Europe. Your Languages.).

Digital Conference Series

Germany and its neighbours. © Goethe-Institut

Germany and its neighbours

Looking next door - what can we learn from each other?

Portugal and its language in the world. © Pixabay

Portugal and its language in the world.

Those who stay on the coast cannot discover new oceans.

Slovenia and its multilingualism. © greenvalleypicture

Slovenia and its multilingualism.

Meeting place of different cultures in a multilingual Europe. 


Margit-C. Pfaender Margit-C. Pfaender Margit-C. Pfaender
Projektleitung Europa. Deine Sprachen.