The CMA 2017 between Sofia, Bucharest and Thessaloniki

Main objectives of the CMA 


The cultural management academy is a training program. The objectives are:

- to improve the management capacities of the participants as “cultural entrepreneurs” in a post-graduate training
- to include the experience and expertise of European and local institutional partners
- to foster the formation and development of innovative self-reliant projects between participants from the independent scene and from municipal cultural institutions across genres.
- to stimulate cross-border partnerships and exchange in the region

The program aims to build capacity in the cultural sector combining theoretical knowledge about cultural management (organization, administration and communication of cultural projects, leadership, fund raising etc.), learning through examples from the real practice, study cases, practical exercises and implementation of small projects. 

The CMA between Sofia, Bucharest and Thessaloniki 

In 2017 the Cultural Management Academy expands with new branches in Bucharest and Thessaloniki. On this way it aims to stimulate cultural dialogue at the level of managing and organizing cultural activities in the region. Thus the academy aims to encourage cross-border partnerships and joint projects and to establish a counseling service between cultural operators based on reciprocity. 

In Sofia, Bucharest and Thessaloniki will be formed a group of up to 20 cultural managers from the country. Each group will have a 5-days intensive course in their city. The program will include lectures, workshops and trainings with local and international specialist. Additionally, a reader with important texts, books, links, presentations will be created to the course in each of the cities. Learning materials readers will be accessible in a shared online platform to all participants in the three cities. 

The culmination of the program will be in September at the CMA 2017 Network Meeting and Conference in Sofia. At the 3-day event participants will build groups and teams in order to apply for funding from the Follow-Up Program of the CMA. The subsequent conference will gather members of the Academy, international experts, cultural actors of Sofia and guests. The conference organized by the Goethe-Institut Sofia and the Sofia Development Association will be followed by a publication with contributions on cultural management and cultural policies by CMA graduates and international experts. 

All participants who have successfully completed the program will have the chance to develop a project with colleagues from the other two cities and to apply for funding. At the KMA 2017 meeting in Sofia participants will build teams. In the next month they will have time to continue working on the idea and submit an application for startup or partial funding up to 2500 euro.