Fergal McCarthy

Fergal McCarthy - Changing the picture 1 Gallery Fergal McCarthy Fergal McCarthy - Changing the picture 1 | Illustration: © Fergal McCarthy

incredibly important

European artists respond to the right-wing and nationalist tendencies.

It has been a great honour to be invited to participate in this project by the Goethe-Institut. Our world is changing at an alarming pace, it’s incredibly important that this darkening political landscape is explored and addressed. By creating art works in response to the rise of the Right-Wing we are documenting a particularly dangerous moment in our history. My research into Ireland’s right-wing tendencies yielded relatively few results, there is one or two political parties of this nature in our country but their following is miniscule.

However my artwork was created before the results of the U.S. election were announced and somewhat worryingly a new right-wing party has already been created in Ireland in the short period of time since Trump’s ascendency. Even Ireland, a country with one of the lowest incidents of racist attacks in Europe has the potential to spawn blinkered politicians of an especially insular nature.