Birgit Weyhe -
Hasan & Hans

Birgit Weyhe - Hasan & Hans 3 Gallery „Hasan & Hans“ Birgit Weyhe - Hasan & Hans 3 | Illustration: © Birgit Weyhe
Hasan and Hans are born at the same time, although in different parts of the world and under different circumstances.

While Hasan in Afghanistan has to deal untiringly with ever changing political challenges and relentlessy seeks solutions, Hans very soon founders, despite the considerably smaller obstacles he faces.

all-decisive yardstick?

What and who decides about our path in life, and why should the chance factor of nationality be the all-decisive yardstick? Only when we understand that all human beings are equal individuals, without dividing them into national, religious or racist categories, will it be possible to exist together without fear and violence.