EU4Culture - Kulturförderung in den Ländern der Östlichen Partnerschaft © Ian Dooley / Unsplash

Funded by the European Union (EU), EU4Culture targets the cultural and creative sectors in the Eastern Partnership countries. It aims at supporting the development of culture as an engine for growth and social advancement in the region. EU4culture is particularly focused on regional cities and towns of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine. 

Cultural and Cross-Innovation Projects

As a result of a competitive selection process, the EU has allocated €275,000 to 20 cultural and cross-innovation projects targeting artists and cultural professionals from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, and the Republic of Moldova. With grants of up to €25,000, the 20 initiatives will be implemented in 2024 by non-profit organisations in 13 regional cities, all of which are part of the EU4Culture Cities Network.


As a regional project, the EU-supported EU4Culture works with the cultural and creative industries in Eastern Partnership countries. Watch the videos below and learn more about some of the Project's partners and beneficiaries. The videos feature English subtitles.


With a budget of €7.85 Million, the project started on 1 January 2021 and will end on 31 March 2025.


Project Updates

Implementing Partners

The EU-funded EU4Culture project is implemented by the Goethe-Institut (lead), the Danish Culture Institute, Czech Centres and the Institut Français de Géorgie.

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