Blue Brain Club

Blue Brain Club © Hertie Stiftung

Blue Brain Club

The brain is a fascinating organ and at the same time incredibly complex. More than 400 school students from the South Asian region wanted to know how this structure functions in our heads and controls our behavior: How do feelings come about? How do we make decisions? What happens if the brain doesn't work as usual?

In the Hertie Foundation's "Blue Brain Club" web-based game, MINT-interested students in grades 10 to 12 demonstrated their knowledge in school teams.

The competition was a complete success! Here are the feedbacks of the students'.


  • Nes international school, Mumbai (wins: online Language course)

  • Sanskriti School, New Delhi (Wins: youth camp scholarship)

  • Amity international school, Gurugram (WINS: ONLINE LANGUAGE COURSE)

  • ​KV ONGC Panvel Phase 2, Mumbai (WINS: ONLINE LANGUAGE COURSE)


Aparajita Pandey ©Goethe-Institut It was a really good experience and I really enjoyed it very much. It was quite interesting and looking forward to participate in the upcoming events
Kavya ©Goethe-Institut At the outset we want to thank Max Mueller Bhavan for such an amazing game!
The support was highly appreciable
I feel so grateful to be a part of  an incredibly informative platform like this!
Muskan Nayyar ©Goethe-Institut I would like to congratulate you on the well-organized quiz event. We all participants thoroughly enjoyed and had a good learning experience. The modules were interesting, promoting out of the box thinking. It was certainly an innovative way to help us learn about one of the most complex organs of the human body i.e. brain. It also inculcated a spirit of team effort. Overall, it was a wonderful initiative that also improved our German language skills.
Sneha Das ©Goethe-Institut
Deutsch und STEM sind zwei Themen die mich begeistern und das Online-Spiel, ‘Blue Brain’ kombiniert die beiden Themen. Ich habe das Spiel wirklich interssant und informativ gefunden. Mein Wortschatz wurde erweitert, besonders über Wissenschaft. Es war eine neue Erfahrung, und ich freue mich auf mehr Online-Speilen und Gelegenheiten von Goethe. In dieser unvorhersehbaren Zeit, hatten wir die Möglichkeit, Spaß beim Lernen zu haben.
Ein herzliches Dankeschön an Goethe-Institut und meine Lehrerinnen, Frau Ghosh, Frau Chatterjee und Frau Dhir!
Tamil Selvi ©Goethe-Institut This was really and interesting and fun filled competition.
Tanya Singh ©Goethe-Institut Joining the blue brain club was an honour. The games were interactive and engaging.The graphics and story make the game even better. I gained a new experience as I was not very fond of games,but this one was very unique and appreciable.

Tisha Verma ©Goethe-Institut My experience with blue brain club was very good and it was a an interactive game session!! It was  a new and fun way of learning about brain and its function with the help of games.