Go To Goethe

Go To Goethe ©Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

"Go to Goethe!" is a monthly event for school students with a focus on aspects of the country in order to give them a broader view of Germany, German and the Germans. Before the Corona crisis, the event was run in analogue format.

By switching to the online format, many more students were reached, even from remote regions. The online format opened the way "to Goethe" and now students from all over North India can learn together.

Through the online format, mentors from different countries are now invited to the event. This was also possible in the analogue format, but not as often. A diverse exchange is made possible every month. But most of all, it's great fun for all participants to talk about German culture, games, music, but also the university landscape, beautiful places and other exciting topics.

Digitality overcomes borders and creates the possibility of encounters all over the world across time zones.

But of course, our students are also impatiently waiting for the times when they can meet their classmates "in real life", laugh together, do handicrafts and try out games.

An overview of the previous topics:

  • Storytelling
  • Tips for the German exam
  • What is Christmas about?
  • Everyday life in Germany during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • German - Fun Online! (Quizzing and playtime)
Are you a school student or a school teacher and would your students like to participate in Go To Goethe?

Write to us at: tanvi.duggal@goethe.de