Youth Conference 2020


Sustainopreneurship combines the concepts of entrepreneurship and sustainability.

The central question is how we can live and operate sustainably in the future and make the current issues of today's global society such as environmental pollution, discrimination, fair working and living conditions the reason for our economic action.
How can we break down the ingrained processes of short-lived economic activity and bring about change?

During the workshop week, about 200 school students dealt with central topics of Sustainopreneurship: Identity development, sustainable travel, cooking and being an entrepreneur. In addition, they dealt with questions relating to the topic of gender equality, they learnt how to plan a project in terms of budget and received assistance with current application procedures.

The opening ceremony took place on Monday, November 1st, 2020 with more than 500 spectators. In addition to the German Embassy in New Delhi, the AHK supported the event.

The panel discussion at the closing event on 07.11.2020 was organised by a global non-profit organisation: Ashoka Changemakers. They emphasised that each of us can change the world. In the closing event, students also shared their outstanding experiences from the workshops.

On the sidelines of the confrence, on 07.11.2020, the University of Fulda provided information about study programmes in the field of sustainability in Germany.

hearty congratulations to the most active students

  • Sayuj sethi

  • Chinari neupane

  • Unika Sunar

  • Parul Varandani

  • Samin Shrestha

  • Nabin Joshi

  • Srishti Joshi

  • Navya Dang

  • Khyatika Shah

  • Gazi Ruhay Raowa Wana

  • Devanshi Shah

  • Prajyotsana Rani Das

  • Aarati Jaiswal

  • Mishti Anand

  • Pranav Kataria

  • Tuhina Singh

  • Ritika Dutt

  • Mahaksh S Dewan

  • Prisha kandhari

  • Hiranya Davuluri

  • Rupakshi Baweja

  • Kabir Talwar

  • Yaschika Singh

  • Ramisa Hasan

  • Vriddhi Keshodhan

  • Diya das

  • Ritwij jha

  • Divisha gupta

  • Sajidul Abedin

  • Khushi Monga

  • Purabi Bhandari