Treffpunkt Deutsch

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"Treffpunkt Deutsch" is a monthly event for teachers in the South Asia region to present and discuss teaching concepts, games and other innovations related to teaching. In 2020, the online format has allowed us to reach a larger number of teachers.

Since then, we have also been more flexible in the choice of mentors, who can join us from different countries. In addition, last year we managed to have teachers from different countries participate in this event at the same time so that there could also be an inter-country discussion on the topic of teaching.

Since "Treffpunkt" across borders has been successful, we can imagine keeping this special format for the future, alternating it with analogue formats.

The focus is on the discussion from teacher to teacher. Moments of joy from everyday school life can be discussed, but also their questions or worries.

The discussion on the content level (for example, on the question "How do I design an online teaching unit?") and on the personal level is crucial, especially in times of crisis, and brings us all closer together despite physical distances.

We can't wait to see all the teachers safe and sound in the analogue meeting place.

An overview of the previous topics:

  • Teaching German digitally: Vlogs and videos in German class
  • Creating MCQs
  • German class in the context of integrating education and the arts at the school level
  • Games in an online class
  • Pronunciation training
  • Getting students to speak

Are you a German teacher at school and want to participate in the Treffpunkt?

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