Amith Venkataramaiah
bangaloREsident-Expanded @Experimance

Amith V © Amith Venkataramaiah Amith Venkataramaiah is a multimedia artist with a passion for exploring the intersection of visual media and sound. His creative practice is characterised by a wide-ranging artistic vision that encompasses everything from illustration and sculpture to video and sound art. Amith is particularly drawn to the use of found objects and DIY instruments to create custom noise-making devices that challenge traditional notions of music production and performance.

Amith's work is a celebration of the raw, chaotic energy of noise music and the endless creative possibilities it offers. As an artist, Amith is committed to pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas, using his work to challenge and inspire audiences in new and unexpected ways.

About the project:

''Junk.wav is a sound sculpture project that tries to turn unusual elements into a playable instrument using discovered artifacts and abandoned materials. The final sculpture produces a distinctive and unpredictable sound by investigating the aural potential of scrap metal, damaged electronics, and other abandoned materials. The project ends in a live performance where the sonic sculpture takes centre stage and the artist manipulates the instrument in real time to produce an immersive soundscape."

Amith will be the first-ever bangaloREsident-Expanded at Experimance in Saarbrücken!