Tasneem Lohani

Tasneem Lohani_Re-Exp. © Tasneem Lohani Tasneem Lohani is an Indian artist and art educator working across sound, video, performance and drawing on paper. Her practice explores alienation and disembodiment in our age of digital communication through the lens of tech and surveillance capitalism in India today.

Thinking through its material impact on health and ecology while finding a path towards healing and recourse aided by yoga and meditation. She holds an MFA from Kingston School of Art, London and held her first solo show at the Cholamandal Artists' Village in 2018. Since then she has shown her work as part of innumerable group shows, internationally in the UK, and in India. Most recently she participated in the India Art Fair Parallel exhibition, Immerse, in Mumbai. 

Intended project at ZiMMT 
Tasneem will be exploring sonic connectedness and healing as a way to navigate the atomising work culture of the post-pandemic techno-capitalist age. Inspired by the ancient Indian wisdom of mantras and chanting she intends to create a spatial sound work as a performative and experiential piece that would explore issues of labour, productivity and burnout alongside illness, fatigue and abuse on the body, caused by our obsession with productivity.