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Max Mueller Bhavan | India Kolkata

22.06.2024 | Goethe-Institut Kolkata Narrative trails along the locality: Rajabazar, Kolkata

The evening will include a discussion around an initiative undertaken by Rabindra Bharati University, Women’s Studies Centre in collaboration with Dr. Henrike Donner of Goldsmiths’ College, University of London. The initiative primarily surveyed questions around the lives and aspirations of women living in the locality of Rajabazar.

Rajabazar event © Rabindra Bharati University

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On Cables and Cumulus

An artistic installation by Katja Davar at the staircase of Goethe-Institut Kolkata. In the main stairwell, a seventeen metre long textile work digitally collaged from Davar’s pencil drawings of clouds, cascades through the building.

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