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Queer as German Folk | Itinerant conference
Queer Commons -
Queer Conflicts

Complementary to the exhibition Queer as German Folk, panel discussions were held in Toronto, New York, Mexico City, and Berlin. Under the banner Queer Commons – Queer Conflicts, they highlighted diverse aspects of contemporary queer discourse: queer resistance, queer culture, queer diversity and queer establishment. The discussions – held in English with panelists from the US, Canada, Mexico and Germany – were recorded and are available on this website.


Itinerant conference Berlin | Queer Establishment

Queer Establishment

Is there room for otherness within the ruling class? Can queer politicians be expected to pursue different policies or queer leaders to lead in a distinctive way?

Itinerant conference Mexico City | Queer Diversity

Mexico City
Queer Diversity

How do we deal with the phenomenon of queer diversity? How can equal treatment be granted to small minorities?

Itinerant conference Toronto | Queer Culture

Queer Culture

Which forms of queer culture are there today? How does queer opposition manifest itself in the cultural sector? Is there such a thing as queer culture at all?

Itinerant conference New York City | Queer Resistance

New York City
Queer Resistance

Queer lifestyles have supposedly become mainstream. However, the rise of neo-conservative forces across the globe increasingly question the legitimacy of anti-discrimination legislation. What can we learn from the global experience of gender-generated resistance?

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