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Queer as German Folk | Itinerant conference

Queer Commons – Queer Conflicts

“Queer Culture”


June 21, 2019


Muxe Performance by Lukas Avendaño© Mario Patiño

Queer Culture

For decades, if not centuries, queer culture was counterculture. Much has been said about its profound influence on mainstream culture, particularly in times of aesthetic reorientation (mannerism, fin de siècle, the golden twenties, American pop culture of the 1960s and 1970s). The queer origins of new trends were often concealed.

But with the increasing acceptance of queer lifestyles in urban societies, queer cultural expressions start losing their contrary character and blending into the mainstream.

What forms of queer culture exist today? How does queer contradiction manifest itself in the cultural sector? Is there such a thing as queer culture at all? Do queer artists make queer art? How do they regard themselves? Do we even need queer art?

Panel Discussion

Queer commons – queer conflicts

Complementary to the exhibition Queer as German Folk, panel discussions were held in Toronto, New York, Mexico City, and Berlin. Under the banner Queer Commons – Queer Conflicts, they highlighted diverse aspects of contemporary queer discourse: queer resistance, queer culture, queer diversity and queer establishment. The discussions – held in English with panelists from the US, Canada, Mexico and Germany – were recorded and are available on this website.


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Queer Resistance graphik: TomVonier.online

New York City, 06/20/2019
Queer Resistance

Queer lifestyles have supposedly become mainstream. However, the rise of neo-conservative forces across the globe increasingly question the legitimacy of anti-discrimination legislation. What can we learn from the global experience of gender-generated resistance?

The stars of "Dynasty" - on German television the series was called "Denver Clan" Photo (Detail) : Brettschneider © picture alliance

Berlin, 09/15/2019
Queer Establishment

Is there room for otherness within the ruling class? Can queer politicians be expected to pursue different policies or queer leaders to lead in a distinctive way?

Queer Diversity Foto: Pexels

Mexiko City, 06/22/2019
Queer Diversity

How do we deal with the phenomenon of queer diversity? How can equal treatment be granted to small minorities?