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Panelist Mexico
Iván Acebo-Choy

Portrait of Iván Acebo-Choy © Iván Acebo-Choy Ivan Acebo-Choy obtained a Ph.D in Art History from the University of Havanna (Cuba), a MA in Art History from Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City) and a BA in Art History from Wabash College (Indiana, United States).

His research investigates the impact, circulation and negotiation of Queer Theory in the Latin American modern and contemporary art scene, particularly as it all helps to draw and understand the construction of dissident communities as portrayed in Latin American art.

He also has an interest in studying the sexualization of spaces as contemporary strategy for queer survival in a world of homo and hetero normativity.  He is also a curator, writer and bookbinder. He lives in Ottawa.