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Queer as German Folk | Queer Perspectives
Stonewall Moments

There are situations in life that awaken awareness of queer identity and spark political engagement: Very personal experiences were shared with us for Queer as German Folk, each a tile in the mosaic of queer history.

Stonewall Moments Photo: Goethe-Institut

The Stonewall Uprising fundamentally changed our perception of queer people and opened up new possibilities of articulation for LBGTQ* people themselves. Queer resistance existed before, in the Weimar Republic, for instance, or in the civil rights movement in the U.S. Stonewall, however, was the beacon from which the LGBTQ* movement was constituted and diversified, a moment in history after which nothing could be the same. Most queer people experience such Stonewall moments: Individual situations, or people who fundamentally impact their lives, leading to a sharpening and personal awareness of queer identity. For Queer as German Folk, some have shared their experiences of such life situations with us.

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