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Carina Klugbauer

Portrait of Carina Klugbauer (Schwules Museum Berlin) Photo: Carina Klugbauer, SMU Carina Klugbauer is a research associate at Schwules Museum Berlin. In 2017, during her traineeship there, she co-curated the travelling exhibition Unverschämt as part of a research project on the persecution and discrimination of lesbian women and gay men in Hesse 1945-1985, on behalf of the Hessian Department of Social Affairs and Integration.
In 2018, Carina Klugbauer curated the queer art exhibition Lesbisches Sehen with Birgit Bosold for Schwules Museum’s yearlong program “Jahr der Frau_en”. She coordinated the museum’s educational activities and designed the Magnus, Lili, and Rosa youth workshop on LGBTIQA+ movement history and sexual and gender diversity.