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Queer as German Folk | Exhibition
Exhibition Team

The exhibition was curated by Birgit Bosold and Carina Klugbauer of the Schwules Museum Berlin. The exhibition design was developed by the Berlin agency chezweitz, who had previously designed the Homosexualität_en exhibition, a collaborative project of the German Historical Museum and the Schwules Museum Berlin. 

Exhibition New York CityPhoto: Sarah Blesener

Would you like to organize your own exhibit? Please contact a Goethe-Institut near you, or the Schwules Museum Berlin

Playful, committed, and colorful like the queer movement itself: After the 2019 launch of the Queer as German Folk exhibit in North America and under the title Love at First Fight! at the Schwules Museum Berlin, the exhibition is now available to be exhibited worldwide.

With a foundation of more than 100 digitized exhibits from the Schwules Museum, the exhibition can now be mounted at any location “on demand” and enriched with local components. Documents and archival materials become objects that form structured or anarchic installations that invite the public to interact.

Online Exhibit