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GAPP 50 years anniversary

Through five decades and over 400,000 participants, GAPP has faced many challenges: Its humble beginnings in the early 1970s, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and more recently, the COVID-19 Pandemic. Despite the adversity, GAPP has continually provided a life-changing experience to thousands of students, teachers, and hosts. We have selected several eras that defined the program and highlight how resilient GAPP has been to the test of time.

Milestones - German American Partnership Programm© Goethe Institut New York
GAPP Milestones © Goethe Institut New York

GAPP's Foundation and the 1970s

GAPP began as a small program in the early 1970s. Over the decade GAPP would find its footing, moving its headquarters as student numbers slowly grew. Despite having little funding and a small pool of partnerships, GAPP persisted in its mission to help German and American students connect from across the world.

GAPP Milestones © Goethe Institut New York

GAPP's expansion and the 1980s

With increased awareness and partnerships, the 1980s was a period of rapid expansion for GAPP. From higher funding to assistance from government entities, GAPP began to pick up steam and reach new records for student participation.

GAPP Milestones © Goethe Institut New York

German Reunification and the 1990s

For decades, Germany was split into two separate nations: East and West. Over 40 years later, the two countries would reunite. During this tumultuous period of time, GAPP continued to organize and facilitate exchanges. Students who participated during this time got to witness some of the most significant historical moments in modern German history.

GAPP Milestones © Goethe Institut New York

Launch of GAVE and GAPP Today

In 2020, the German American Virtual Exchange, or GAVE, was launched. GAVE would allow students to participate in virtual exchanges, preparing them for future in-person visits to host countries. As pandemic restrictions loosened, students would use the knowledge they gained from GAVE to enhance their GAPP experience.