Virtual Film Series The Survivors

The Survivors (c) Journalfilm Klaus Volkenborn/ZDF

Mon, 08/15/2022 -
Sun, 08/21/2022

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Kino x 3: Veiel Films

Director: Andres Veiel, 1994-1996 Germany, Eastmancolor, 92 min., with English subtitles

A school reunion, graduating class of ‘79. But three former pupils are missing: they have all killed themselves in the intervening years. This film tells their story by showing those who have survived them: their classmates, friends, parents, siblings. THE SURVIVORS is a film about being young, about the desire for a different, more exciting, wilder sort of life, and about how far our own personal limits will let us go. 
Andres Veiel Portrait (C) Andres Veiel Andres Veiel is considered one of the most distinguished representatives of politically engaged art in Germany. One of his distinctive characteristics is the intense, in some cases multiannual research for his projects.
From 1985 until 1989 he studied psychology at FU Berlin and at the same time received a training in film dramaturgy and directing by the Polish director Krzystof Kieslowski at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin.
In addition to his film works Andres Veiel writes and directs stage plays , i.a. at  Theater Basel, Schauspiel Stuttgart, Gorki-Theater and Deutschen Theater (Berlin).