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Michael Winfield Banner© Michael Winfield


To create 
Live outside the norms. 
Without fears. 
Creating your own 
Being. Without 
Limits. Seeing 
Yourself in others 
Without Qualms 
Freedom - Transcend - Go beyond

Transcend will be published on December 17.

Michael Winfield

Michael Winfield Portrait © Michael Winfield As a queer black artist, I show my perception of society through the manipulation of materials around me.  We are all made of the same materials, and with that in mind, I believe my creations can bring folks to a common ground.  I hope to inspire those who want to break the mold of societal norms and free themselves from oppression.

I work directly with found, divergent, venerable, and unconventional materials.  I use these materials to tell the narrative of my queer black experience wherein I recreate the memories and moments that compose the very fibers of my psyche.

Through combines, installations and performances, I evoke what it means to be vulnerable, transparent, and luminal in telling one's personal story.  My story is one of surviving the adversities of my disenfranchised identity.  Through this narrative, I hope to redirect the dialogue onto the viewer.
Instagram: @michaelc.w
Website: MichaelCWinfield.com