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Oh my Goethe NancyPhoto: Mathilde Dieudonné


Oh my Goethe! brings together innovative actors from the cultural and creative industries from Germany and France and offers them the opportunity to network, benefit from the knowledge and contacts of the other participants and to create a concrete project.

It is aimed at creative people in the fields of music, books, art, film, radio, performing arts, architecture, design, press, advertising, software and games, whether analogue or digital. OHMG! is aimed at students, non-profit associations, self-employed persons, artists, small to medium-sized companies, employees, members of the trades, job seekers. Participation is possible either alone or in a team.

Oh my Goethe! aims to strengthen Franco-German cooperation in the fields of cultural and creative industries, to promote the transfer of skills and synergies between the players and to support start-ups in developing their ideas.

Oh my Goethe! is an initiative of the Métropole du Grand Nancy and the Goethe-Institut Nancy with the support of the Institut français.