Standard Courses

Standard courses

Type of course Standard
Course duration 9 weeks
Format Face to face or Blended Learning
Levels A1.1-C2.4
Frequency of classes once per week
Teaching Units (TU) (*1 TU = 45 minutes) 4 TU per week, 36 TU in total

Intensive courses

Type of course Intensive
Course duration 2 weeks
Format Blended-Learning
Levels A1-C1
Frequency of classes 5 times per week (5 TU* per day)
Teaching Units (TU) (*1 TU = 45 minutes) 40 TU

Futher information

Our learning concept

Tuition at the Goethe-Institut does not just mean learning a language, but also getting to know a culture. We use a face-to-face meeting and a placement test to find out what previous knowledge you have. We help you to choose a suitable course. Find out more about German tuition at the Goethe-Institut.

Contact and Enrollment

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