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Alex Klobouk - Changing the picture 3: Echo chamber Gallery Alex Klobouk Alex Klobouk - Changing the picture 3: Echo chamber
Echo chambers are filter bubbles that form, as we navigate through the internet via social media and search engines. We like, subscribe and share information. This information is used to create tailor made offers for us. Regarding products this may be useful, concerning people and opinions it is dangerous: if a provider only suggests friends, groups and information, that matches me, this leads to a confirmation of prejudices and one sided, dogmatic visions.
| Illustration: © Alex Klobouk

Kit for media awarness

Populism and nationalism are spreading all over europe and beyond. One very important means to spread propaganda and campain inconsiderately is the internet.

It is not easy to always know what is right, so to dismantel internet manipulation, it is important to know how it works and to train our media awarness.
Here´s a little illustrated introduction and a useful KIT for MEDIA AWARNESS.


“Push Bot”
Oxford university study via BBC / Deutschlandfunkv

“Pull Bot”
Deutschlandfunk / Wikipedia

“Echo Chambers”
ZEIT / WIkipedia

*T-Shirt: llustration of twitter echo chambers. Followers of Hillary Clinton and followers of Donald Trump hardly connect and therefore are not aware of the others worldviews.

“Fake News”
WDR: / Wikipedia / NEW YORK TIMES:

“Media Awarness Kit”
JFK Institute, Freie Universität Berlin vía.www.ZEIT.DE