Grünes Diplom

The “Grünes Diplom” is the standard basic qualification for teachers of German as a Foreign language at Goethe-Instituts worldwide. On completion of this programme you are eligible to teach “German as a foreign language” from the level A1 to B1. The programme is made up of four phases:

Phase 1: A practicum with seminars, classroom observation and microteaching
Phase 2: A consolidation on the basis of the programme Deutsch Lehren Lernen
Phase 3: A cultural seminar (for non-native speakers)
Phase 4: Specific contents for the Goethe-Institut (Prüferzertifikat, Module „Digitale Medien im DaF-Unterricht“).

During the qualification, the participants have to conduct two evaluated demonstration lessons of 90 minutes each.

The duration of the qualification depends upon the individual pre-qualification.


  • Bachelor’s degree (in any field)
  • Demonstrated German Language Proficiency C1-level
  • The participants have to sign an agreement and pay a one-time fee of INR 50,000 at the end of Phase 1.
  • The participants undertake to teach for 3 years or 600 teaching units
  • If the participants leave earlier or violate the agreement, then they will have to reimburse the complete cost of the qualification up to that point.


If you are interested in teaching at the Goethe-Institut in India, please write to:

Bangalore: Ms. Mugdha Koparkar
Chennai: Mr. Prabhakar Narayanan
Kolkata: Ms. Madhurima Moitra
Mumbai: Ms. Mukta Gadkari
New Delhi: Ms. Deepali Bajaj Singh
Pune: Ms. Tejasvi Vartak