The “Grünes Diplom”
German Teacher's Training programme of Goethe-Institut

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The “Grünes Diplom” : German Teachers Training Programm at Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan

The “Grünes Diplom” was introduced in 2004 and constitutes the standard basic qualification for teachers of German as a Foreign language at Goethe-Instituts worldwide. On completion of this programme you are eligible to teach “German as a foreign language” from the level A1 to B1. During the training programme you are acquainted with the methodology of teaching and the necessary skills needed for the same.

Important Information:
The “Grünes Diplom” is recognized by all the Goethe-Instituts abroad, however no Goethe-Institut is obligated to employ you upon completion of the “Grünes Diplom”. 


  • Bachelor’s degree (in any field)
  • German Language Proficiency B2-level; (however C1-level proficiency must be achieved and a proof of the same shall be submitted during the training programme)


  • The training Programme fee is INR 90.000 and can be paid in installments.
  • You are not entitled to any refund of the fee in case you are not able to continue with the programme.

The Teachers' training programme “Grünes Diplom”

The teacher training programme “Grünes Diplom” of the Goethe-Institut for teaching German as a foreign language to adult learners consists of four phases, as well as an internship programme with focus on specific aspects of teaching methodology.

In this phase, which lasts approx. 8-9 months, the participants are initiated into the methodology and didactics of teaching German as a foreign language based on the theoretical part of modules 1 to 6 of the DLL program “Learning to teach German” (Deutsch Lehren Lernen).
• DLL 1: Teaching Competence and Lesson Designing
• DLL 2: How do you learn The Foreign Language German?
• DLL 3: German as a Foreign Language
• DLL 4: Tasks, Assignments, Exercises, Interaction
• DLL 5: Teaching and Learning Media
• DLL 6: Curricular Guidelines and Lesson Planning
They do this via the distance learning mode on the Learning Platform of the Goethe-Institut (Moodle) supplemented by Presence and Online-Live-Sessions. In an introductory Online-Live-Session the participants are briefed about the concept of the DLL-programme and the Learning Platform.
Furthermore, the participants are introduced in this phase to online-live-teaching.
The participants shall also, if necessary, take part in a C1 level language course in this phase.
The aim here is the practical implementation of the theory learned in the first phase. This phase consists of about 3 months. Here, the participants are expected to develop their teaching skills i.e. the Practicum enables the candidates to prepare and conduct lessons themselves with the theoretical knowledge gained in the first phase. 
This phase includes Lesson-Observation, the Implementation of the Action-Research-Project (PEP) and a Workshop on the topic "Phonetics".
The Lesson-Observation takes place under the guidance of a supervisory teacher, which includes observing lessons conducted the supervisory teacher. This is preceded by a preliminary discussion and followed by a debriefing of the lessons attended. Thereafter the candidate gives lessons based on one's own lesson preparation (trail lessons).
Finally a 90 Minute Lesson of the candidate is evaluated (demonstration lesson).
Action-Research-Projects (PEPS)
The participants carry out an Action-Research-Experiment (“Praxiserkundungsprojekt: PEP”) in small groups to each of the six modules of the DLL-programme. During the course of this project the participants have the possibility of observing actual Classroom/Online-Live-Teaching or observing digitally recorded teaching lessons. This enables them to reflect on the methodology and identify new methods. These findings are then presented and discussed in a face-to-face or online-live-sessions. Thereafter a written documentation of the Action-Research-Project must be submitted individually to the training team and the team sends the participant a standardized written feedback.
Completion of Phase 2
  • DLL-Wissenstest 
This phase concludes with a Knowledge Test encompassing all the six modules via the learning platform of the Goethe-Institut. The result is included in the overall score.
  • Demonstration Lesson 1
At the end of this phase, the participants are required to teach 2 units of 45 minutes each in the level A1 to demonstrate the didactical knowledge acquired. The result of this is included in the overall score. On successful completion of this phase he/she may at discretion of the training team be given a class in the level A1 and thereafter complete the remaining part of the training while teaching/working. 
In this phase the participant is sent to Germany for two weeks to participate in a cultural seminar- (currently in an Online-Seminar due to the pandemic). ). The aim of the stay is to update and expand knowledge of the country and language and to acquire intercultural competence.
  • Demonstration Lesson 2:  At the end of this phase, the participant is required to teach 2 units of 45 minutes each in level A2 to demonstrate the knowledge of the country and language as well as the intercultural competence acquired in the above-mentioned seminar.
After or during phase 2 of the Teacher Training Programme, the participant shall be initiated in the following and wherever needed, this shall conclude with a certification:
• Tests and Examinations i.e. the "Prüferzertifikat" (The Examiner Certificate) for Levels A1 to B1
• Online Tutorial Training for the Course Programs of the Goethe-Institut
• Intercultural Learning in Foreign Language Teaching
• Language Proficiency - Level C1