International German Olympiad 2018

DLP © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan


The International German Olympiad (IDO – Internationale Deutscholympiade) is the largest German language contest in the world. Every two years, over 100 students from around the world demonstrate their knowledge of German language.

Globally millions of German learners participate in the national Olympiads in their home country and two winners from each country travel to Germany to partpicipate in the International German Olympiad. The national winners then fight it amongst themselves at the IDO to  earn the title of the best German learners in the world.

400 students participated in the local round of the International German Olympiad held at 8 different cities in India on 20.01.2018.

36 students will participate in the final national round in New Delhi from 14.04.2018 to 16.04.2018. The two best candidates will then represent India in the IDO held at Freiburg.

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